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Decorative Concrete Floors

Decorative Concrete floors have many advantages over other floor coverings. They are durable and will not stain like carpet or scratch as easily as wood flooring. We can customize decorative concrete floors for your interior space to meet your needs.

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Tulsa Community College

Tulsa Commnunity College Concrete Floors

Quartz Floors

Quartz Floors are double broadcasted using quartz aggregate. These floors are extremely durable and are slip resistant and abrasion resistant. These floors are easy to maintain, anti-microbial, and very common for commercial and industrial spaces.

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First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church Quartz Floors

Reflector Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors are self-leveling fluid-applied floors. They are very durable and can be completely customized. They are easy to maintain, anti-microbial, and each floor is unique. These floors are good for many residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

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Tulsa Drillers

Tulsa Drillers Reflector Floors

Paint Chip Floors

Paint Chip Floors are seamless and extremely durable. They have varying levels of textures that can be specified to the needs of the space. These floors are slip resistant, stain resistant and anti-microbial.

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Residential Garage

Residential Garage Floor

Driveways - Patios & Porches - Pool Decks Outdoor Areas

Outdoor Overlays are created to withstand high foot and vehicle traffic. They can withstand the weather elements and are a great option for any patio, driveway, or pool deck. These overlays are completely customizable to fit the needs of your space.

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Outdoor Area Solutions